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With three cabins and a cottage we provide excellent facilities for men to come for a solitary retreat.

Except for Arthasarana they can each be booked for a minimum of one week. Subject to availability you can book the hut for as long as you wish. All solitaries run from Monday to Monday.

At the start of each week we provide you with a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as bread, tofu, cheese and eggs. There is also a stock of essential goods such as pasta, rice & soya milk. There is a supply of fresh drinking water. In the cooler months the huts can be heated with a front loading wood burning stove. Each location has seasoned wood from the forest. Most people like to do some chopping and sawing, but if this a problem then let us know. We also provide bedding and meditation gear.

Guhyaloka has a full-time resident community so we are always on hand to offer assistance should you request it.

To book a solitary, take a look below at the bookings calendar to check availability and then request a reservation using the booking form.

We will reply with further details when we receive your request and ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation.






Jnanakhadga, Almendra and Darsendo
Bookings of 1 week or longer (Monday to Monday)

The priority at Arthasarana is for bookings in multiples of months,
but please contact us if you are looking to book for a different length of time

Carbon foorprint

Guhyaloka wishes to further engage in eco-responsibility and reduce its carbon footprint.
Each airline company invites you to donate a small amount of money to offset the carbon footprint of the flight. We’d like you to donate that money to us to support our efforts to make Guhyaloka as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. To use the natural ressource we have (a lot of sun, a big forest and a small amount of annual rainfall) as best we can ! Guhyaloka is completly off grid and already we have solar electrics and much of our heating is from wood from the forest.
To become more sustainable, we plan to:

1- Replace the gas bottles for heating water with solar panels;

2- Increase the capacity of the rainwater tank and build a new one to collect rainwater from the Library Hut and Yesso Huts;

3- Increase the number of solar panels for our electrical supply;

4- Purchase more environmentally friendly cleaning products and recycle where we can.
We propose that, rather than giving this airline carbon offset money that you give us 5 or 10£ or more if you wich per flight and we’ll use that money for the above projects. If you make this donation, just ad dit to your retreat payment and let us know how much you are donating to this project.

Bookings Calendar

Check the availability of our solitary properties in the bookings calendar (opens in a new tab)

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