Darsendo is a very popular cabin. It commands an impressive outlook over the Guhyaloka Valley and across the mountains to the Mediterranean. In the Autumn when the sunsets are in their full glory the view is especially magnificent. Darsendo has enough electricity to charge small electrical appliances. There is a wood burning stove for heating in the winter months; and it is the only cabin from which there is easy access to an indoor shower with hot water.

From the cabin a private track leads directly to a stupa which contains some relics of Dhardo Rimpoche who was one of Urgen Sangharakshita’s main teachers and a close friend. Around the stupa there are two walking circles – smooth level surfaces which are ideal for walking meditation in a traditional context. Darsendo is not as isolated as the other three cabins; the track is partially visible through the trees and the occasional vehicle or group of walkers may pass by and the main retreat centre is about two hundred metres behind the cabin. But for many people this is all made up for by the terrace and the magnificent views.