How to get to Guhyaloka

Guhyaloka is located in a mountainous area, on a very rough and remote road, which is difficult to access by car. At the bottom of our road is a climbers refuge which is called El Refugio, or Font de L’Arc, which can be reached by taxi, or your own car, without any problem, as it is at the end of a tarmac road from Sella.

The Guhyaloka support team will drive you up to Guhyaloka from the Refugio on arrival and drive you there at the end of your retreat.

If you are on solitary retreat, it is likely that we could pick you up from La Villajoyosa and drop you off there as part of our weekly shopping trip. For various reasons we can not guarantee this but it is very much the exception that we are not down on the coast on a Monday. Shortly before your solitary retreat, we will be in contact with you about the possibility of picking you up from the coast, in which case you will only have to get from the airport to La Villajoyosa, or the Benidorm Bus Station.

The closest airport to Guhyaloka is Alicante. Generally it’s best to arrive in the morning to allow yourself time to get to Guhyaloka in daylight.

To get to the Refugio you have two options, one via La Villajoyosa, the other via the Benidorm Bus Station. In both cases you will need to get a taxi cab for the final leg up to the Refugio. If you arrive in the morning and therefore have plenty of time before the pick up at the Refugio, or if you are being picked up in La Villajoyosa, then the La Villajoyosa option is the best choice. If your flight arrives mid-afternoon then the Benidorm Bus Station choice is better as it is quicker, more straightforward and you are more likely to get to the Refugio in time. For details of the two options see below.

It is possible to take a taxi from the airport directly to the Refugio but this will cost around 90€ and take just under an hour.

If you are arriving by car then we ask you to leave it at the Refugio whilst you are on retreat.

Alicante Airport to La Villajoyosa

The journey to La Villajoyosa is by bus from the Airport to Alicante and then by tram to La Villajoyosa.

From the airport you need to get the C6 bus to Alicante town centre. It costs a flat rate of 3.85€. When you arrive at the airport, after leaving baggage collection, you enter the arrivals lounge. You need to go up two floors either by escalator or lift to the departures lounge. You exit the front of the building and turn right to the end of the slip road at the front of the airport. At the end of the slip road is the bus stop for the C6 bus. (See more information about the C6 bus on the Airport website). The bus goes to the town centre via the new bus station in Alicante (Estacion del Autobus), but do not get off there. After leaving the bus station, the bus continues onwards in an anti-clockwise direction around the centre of Alicante. You need to get off at Plaza de Los Luceros, which is a large roundabout. You should see a T sign for the tram stop called Luceros. Luceros is the first stop on the line, so trams only go in one direction. The tram stop you need for La Villajoyosa is called Creueta (not La Vila Joiosa), on the (red) L1 line. The fare from Alicante to Creuta is 2.50€

The tram map can be downloaded here

Once off the tram you need to head to the taxi rank – At the level crossing head down into town (in the direction of the sea) along the road, called Juan Carlos 1 (runs along the right hand side of the entrance to an underground car park). After a few hundred metres you will meet the main road through La Villajoyosa where there’s a small square, Plaza de la Generalitat, you then need to take a left and walk up towards the Valor cafe which is on the right side of the street and you will find a taxi rank. Please note: If there are arrangements to meet you at Gusta Pizza it is Gusta Pizza in La Villajoyosa not in El Campello.

Villajoyosa Map showing Tram Stop, Taxi Rank and Gusta Pizza.

If you think you are going to be late for the agreed pick-up time at the Refugio, when you get in a taxi, phone Guhyaloka to say you are just leaving La Villajoyosa, stating the time of the call, so that the support team can set off to meet you at the pick up point at the Refugio (Font de L’Arc). Call the Guhyaloka Office Telephone on 647240791 (prefix 0034 if using a UK mobile), which has a voice mail service if no one is in the office. Please note that there is no phone at the Refugio (although there is some mobile phone coverage) and the nearest phone is in Sella, a village 4 km away.

Take a taxi to the pick up point at the Refugio (a mountaineer’s refuge in the hills near us), pronounced ‘re-fyoo-hee-o’, or ‘Font de l’Arc’ (the name in Valenciano). The Refugio is near to Sella (pronounced say-yuh). The taxi ride should cost about 20-25€ and take 20 minutes. Once at the Refugio wait for the pick up.

If you have any problems or doubts about how to get here then please call or email us and we will be able to advise you.

Please let us know when you are arriving (flight details etc) at least a week in advance so that we can arrange for someone to be around to meet you.

Alicante Airport to Benidorm Bus Station

To use this option you need to get on the bus going direct to the Benidorm Bus Station from Alicante Airport. In English terminology, it is more of a coach than a bus, while the C6 bus looks more like a typical city centre bus. As for the C6 bus (above), once you emerge from Customs, go up to the Departures lounge and go out of the main doors and turn right to find the pavement where the public buses depart. You will find the bus to Benidorm Bus Station in this area. It costs about 10€ and takes 45 mins, departing on the hour starting at 8:00 and last one at 23:00.

Once you arrive at Benidorm Bus Station simply get a taxi to the Refugio. The taxi rank is to the left when you get off the bus, at the back of the Bus Station. The cost will be about 30€, and will take 20-25 minutes.

Remember the pronunciation for Refugio is re-fyoo-hee-o. It is also known as Font de L’Arc, and is near to Sella (pronounced say-yuh).