Reunion Retreats

During the summer months the Guhyaloka community invites Order members to organise for themselves a retreat to reconnect with the men they were ordained with. Typically this happens the year following the Ordination Course but many order members come together regularly after five, ten or even twenty years. Many men have found this reconnection very valuable especially if their busy lives have taken them away from regular contact with their friends. The conditions are, of course, perfect for reconnecting with the context in which their ordination took place. The retreat centre is given over to the group to run as they wish including cooking although this can be shared with the community. All shopping and initial set-up will be done by the community who will also be available to lead a work day because many men feel that they would like to contribute to the fabric of Guhyaloka in some way.

Please contact us for available dates and costs if you would like to organise such an event.