‘Forest’ Retreats

In the Triratna Buddhist Community we have number of retreat centres that provide retreats of a week or so, normally focusing on a specific topic or with a specific meditation practice in mind. At Guhyaloka we invite men who just want to get away from their worlds for a while to focus on their spiritual practice – be that meditation, study, writing or just sitting doing nothing – and who wish to do this in the context of a working community rather than on a solitary retreat. We have cabins for solitary retreats but we also invite men, with suitable recommendations, to come and join our community for a while.

A typical daily program is: meditation, breakfast, work period, lunch, free time, meditation, dinner, study or puja or other community events.

These retreats are generally open only to members of the Triratna Buddhist Community but if you would like to be considered please contact us with information about yourself.

We ask for a contribution of at least €110 a week.